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Ivy Moonstone - Sedona Vortex Tarot Readings

- Our readings are for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as medical, legal, or financial advice.

- Tarot readings are highly personal and subjective, and the interpretation of the cards may vary depending on the reader and the context of the reading.
- Tarot readings are not predictive or deterministic, and there are no guarantees that the messages of the cards will come true or that they will provide specific outcomes or solutions.  

- You are responsible for your own decisions and actions, and you should not rely solely on the messages of the Tarot cards to make important life choices.  

- Tarot readings should not be a substitute for professional advice from qualified medical, legal, or financial professionals, and you are strongly encouraged to seek such advice as needed.



Ivy Moonstone is a contemporary witch, author, Tarot reader, and spiritual guide emerging from the enchanting lands of Sedona, Arizona. Revered for her captivating narratives and practical magic, Ivy has been a cornerstone in the witchcraft and tarot communities for more than three decades.

In her teenage years, her curiosity for mystic arts was ignited when she stumbled upon an ancient, leather-bound spellbook in her grandmother's attic. This discovery sparked something deep within her, propelling her to delve into the magical traditions ingrained in her lineage. Among those traditions was the art of Tarot reading. The old deck of Tarot cards she found alongside the book became her constant companions, opening new paths of understanding and introspection.

Dwelling amid the vibrantly hued Sedona red rocks, Ivy was consistently enveloped by an atmosphere brimming with spiritual energy and arcane folklore. It was in this atmosphere that she became a skilled tarot reader. Ivy would spend hours contemplating the symbolism within the tarot cards, finding in them not just predictions, but reflections of the inner self. Her ability to decipher these cryptic cards, combined with her innate intuition, made her readings deeply insightful and eerily accurate. Tarot became an intrinsic part of her life and practice, helping her understand her journey and guiding others on their own.

Ivy holds a strong belief that everyone possesses an inner witch that needs awakening. Her aim is to offer accessible, engaging, and transformative resources that encourage people to incorporate magic and tarot reading into their daily routines.


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